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Level 2 LIVING IN CHINA (Student's Book with CD) ... only $79.00

Level 2 LIVING IN CHINA (Student's Book with CD)

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Publisher: Shenzhen Haitian Press
Author: Yuhong Zheng
Language: English-Chinese

This is the second book (Student’s Book) of the Chinese in Focus series. It is designed for American middle and high school students who have successfully finished the study of the first book of this series.

The distinctive features of the first book – visual, lively, clear, entertaining, easy to use – also characterize the second book in the series. These features are represented in the text, in the animation, and in the cartoon illustrations.

In this volume, Mark visits China again, and experiences the people, food, housing, transportation, school, and entertainment. This book is appropriately named Living in China.

The book has 300 pages.Hardcover.

Table of contents

Unit 1 我的中国家 My Chinese Home
Unit 2 孔子学校 The Confucius School
Unit 3 好吃的中国菜 Delicious Chinese Food
Unit 4 去外婆家 On the Way to Grandma’s House
Unit 5 在外婆家过春节 Spring Festival at Grandma’s Home
Unit 6 春天来了 Spring Is Here
Unit 7 我生病了 I Am Sick
Unit 8 我的偶像 My Idol
Unit 9 化装舞会 The Costume Party
Unit 10 再见,中国!Goodbye,China!


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